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Ela Blooms

Ela Blooms is a centuries old Cardamom Farm hidden away from human civilization in the rolling hills of Western Ghats in Wayanad at the height of 4612 feet above sea level. We offer our accommodation facilities for guests to appreciate nature and strive to provide a safe setting to bond with nature and appreciate its might and mystery. We practice Natural Farming thus making sure our wildernesses are preserved. Our motto is "growing wilderness" and that's exactly what we do every day in our farm.

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Stay in our Farm

The farm hosts individuals, families and groups and provide various types of accommodation from cottages to camping tents. With all these facilities we accommodate sleeping facilities up to 40 individuals. The facilities that we provide are eco-friendly and secure. There is a small hydro-electric and solar system and is supported with a gas generator to meet the power requirements. A reverse-osmosis water purification system provides water without taking away its mountain freshness and medicinal property. To reach our farm you will need to use an off road vehicle as the last 3 KMs is rugged terrain. Please feel free to discuss with us your needs and our facilities’ availability.

Farm Cottages Cave House Mud Hut Camping Tent Food

Farm Cottages

There are two Farm Cottage rooms with attached WC and one of them has an attached kitchen facility. They are located at the top most point of the farm and have a wonderful view of the surrounding forest. The farm kitchen and dining room is conveniently located on the same building.

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Farm Cottage in Brief

Cave House

Our one and only Cave House is a natural cave converted into a safe and comfortable platform to enjoy nature at the closet distance. In the past this cave had provided protection and safety for the tribal people during their hunting tours as we found many tribal artifacts from the location. The Cave House has been converted into a natural, yet comfortable shelter with a queen size bed and bathroom. The Cave House looks out to the stunning view of the rolling hills of Western Ghats. There is a large space in front of the Cave House where campfire is lit every night and gentle breeze from the Ghats keeps the rooms refreshing and cool.

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Cave House in Brief

Mud Hut

There is a Mud Hut build by the local tribal community, in the same way they build for themselves. It’s a great experience to live in the hut with its natural feel. There are two rooms inside the hut and share a single WC. Outside the hut there is a large space for camping and is located roughly around 300 meters away from the Farm Cottage. They have a wonderful view of the surrounding forest.

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Mud Hut in Brief

Camping Tents

To accommodate more guests and at the same time preserve the forest ecosystem’s balance we limit constructions and that’s one of the main reasons for providing Camping Tents. These tents can be fixed at different picturesque locations inside the farm.

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Camping Tents in Brief

Food @ Ela Blooms

There is a Farm Restaurant that works almost 24 hours and room service is provided. We focus on cleanliness and healthy food. We try to provide food services with unique ethnic varieties of dishes which are healthy, simple and clean. Please check our Farm Food Menu. Clean and pure drinking water is always available for free. You could bring a bottle to fill your water from the water purification system and we advise visitors not to bring bottled water to our farm.

Please discuss with us if you require any additional catering needs.


Cardamom-Farming Tour - Free

Our Manager will provide a tour of our farm. The tour will help you to understand all about cardamom farming. You would be requested to wear local attire and the farming toolkit. We guarantee you that the practical exposure will leave you fulfilled – even if you do not have any real intentions to become a cardamom farmer yourself. At the end of the tour you would be able to understand how cardamom is grown, its effect on nature, cardamom planting cycle i.e. from reaping to cropping, to use some of the farm tools and most importantly to pluck few organic cardamoms pods to take home.

Stream-Bath Walk - Free

The walk is good for those who love nature and like to understand the flora and fauna of the region. The walk could take up to three hours and depend upon how you spend the time exploring the forest. This walk leads to a virgin stream and you could bath in the crystal clear stream. It is a delight in itself. The guide will help you to understand the various wild medicinal plants, collect wild-pepper and other fruits and forest products to take home. If you happened to come during the rainy season (June & July) you would not miss the bite of leaches. And if you are not a friend of leaches our guide will help you to take precautionary measure so that blood sucking leaches will leave you at peace.

Wilderness Camping - Free

We provide free camping equipments to our farm visitors. There is a collection of tents and cooking equipments that you can borrow. There are various excellent spots around the farm to camp.

Wildlife Trek

Off-road vehicle or walking trek could be scheduled according to your needs and you may see Malabar squirrel, wild birds, wild elephants, deer and almost all the species in the animal kingdom that live in this area. Make sure you request your tour guide (usually our resident farm manager) take you to Narikandi (Tiger-Ground) inside the farm and request him to narrate old real events about it.

Tour of Wayanad

While you stay in our farm our staff could organize Wayanad regional tours. A one day tour from morning to evening would be a worthwhile trip to understand the region. In Wayand there are many places of interest that could occupy you for almost a week if you decide for a quick glimpse of the region. Some of the sites we would recommend not to be missed are: Chembra Peak, Edakkal Caves, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Banasura Sagar Dam and Kuruva Island. In the attachments most important torusits places in Wayanad are noted with approximate KMs and distance from Ela Bloom.

Tour of Wayanad - Major Attractions

Ela Video

Video shown is the last 1 KM off-road track to Ela Blooms!

Be Surrounded by wilderness, virgin streams, waterfalls, mountains and exceptional flora and fauna. We provide a safe setting to bond with nature and appreciate its might and mystery.


Volunteers are welcome to come and stay with us for minimum of two weeks or longer, working and living with us as members of the community.
Contact us with your interest or ideas to get involved!
To apply to stay as a farm volunteer at Ela Bloom, please send an introductory letter about yourself and what do you hope to get out of your experience at Ela Bloom? Email: isaaccherian@gmail.com

For volunteers staying at the farm we ask a Rs. 300 contribution per day and we offer simple accommodation and lunch on work days. There is a community kitchen where volunteers can cook. Volunteers staying on the farm, sharing work, meals and living spaces, soon find themselves in a close and supportive community.

Contact and Bookings
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Meppadi is the nearest town. From Meppadi to Ela Blooms it is 16 KM. Once you reach Meppadi, take Chooral-mala road that goes towards Soochi-para waterfalls. On the Chooral-mala road, when you reach Kalladi bridge (third bridge from Meppadi Town) take the immediate first right which takes you to Thollayiram Rd. Ela Blooms is almost at the end of Thollayiram road.

The last 1 KM to Ela Blooms requires an off road vehicle (four-wheel drive); If you are coming by your own car we provide safe parking in our property on the Thollayiram Rd or in Meppadi Town

Kozhikode International Airport & Railway Station (90 KM – 2.00 hours)
Cochin International Airport (232 KM – 5 hours)
Mysore (152 KM – 2.45 hours)
Coimbatore (219 KM – 4.45 hours)
Bangalore (281 KM – 5.34 hours)

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Location Map

Ela Blooms is in Kerala, India and Meppadi is the nearest town. From Meppadi to Ela Blooms it is 16 Kms. Once you reach Meppadi, take Chooral-mala road that goes towards Soochi-para waterfalls. On the Chooral-mala road, when you reach Kalladi bridge (third bridge from Meppadi Town) take the immediate first right which takes you to Thollayiram Road. The beautiful and serene Ela Blooms is almost at the end of Thollayiram road.